Uni Posca PC-3M White Highlight Marker

Uni Posca PC-3M White Highlight Marker
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Uni Posca Highlighting Pen

The White PC-3M Uni Posca pens are the quickest and cleanest way for adding highlights onto “leading edges” of your sketched images. The pen’s opaque paint is water-based, odourless, non-toxic and will not etch or dissolve surfaces. The polyester bullet-shaped nib gives a line width (measuring approximately 1.3mm) that allows you to draw fine highlights to leading edges - unlike some highlight pens that do not provide the same sensitivity.


  1. To get the Pen started – depress the nib onto paper, this releases the paint from the barrel allowing it to flow into the nib
  2. Shake the Pen before use – this mixes the paint in the barrel
  3. Always snap the cap back onto the Pen when not in use – otherwise the paint will dry up
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