Slice cutting tools are used to reduce injuries and lower costs by replacing dangerous metal blades with patented Slice ceramic-blades. With tens of millions of units sold world-wide, Slice is making cutting better, safer and more exciting by integrating new technology and visionary functionality and design.

We collaborate with some of the most innovative engineers and designers on the planet. They take everyday objects - scissors, safety knives, precision tweezers, safety cutters, box cutters - and rethink them. How can a blade or a pair of scissors be better? What can we do to reinvent a box cutter so it's easier and safer to use?

The result is a collection of award-winning, innovative cutting tools that will help you safely increase your productivity, reduce injuries and lower your costs.

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Slice - Box Cutter (Manual 3 position)
  The world's first box cutter with a ceramic blade. Patent-pending handle features ..
Slice - Safety Cutter
  The most versatile tool you'll ever own. Finger-friendly microscopic ceramic blade..
Slice - Stainless Steel Scissors
  Sharp, powerful blades crafted from Japanese stainless steel in a unique lay-flat desi..
Slice - Precision Tweezers
Perfectly aligned, hand-filed pointed tips plus a wide, comfortable patented non-slip grip for ex..
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