Advanced Rendering Workshops

The Quality of your Portfolio can make all the difference

The Instructors of Studio Workshops present their folio preparation short course Advanced Rendering techniques using Copic Markers and associated product exclusively for students undertaking Art and Design related subjects.

A qualified and experienced designer with an excellent track record in both industry and at academic institutions is now running this highly successful short course in a One Day – 2 Session program.

Participants of the workshops are shown a wide range of design skills and advanced presentation techniques, and undertake practical exercises which have been developed to provide opportunity for individual tuition. This allows students to develop confidence in their work and apply the acquired skills to their developing portfolio.

A Strong Portfolio – The Key To Success

Acceptance into most tertiary design related courses are based on a portfolio presentation. Therefore, students must be able to demonstrate a strong visual aptitude by presenting a high quality portfolio of work to a tertiary selection panel.

Who can apply?

The Studio Workshops program primarily targets secondary students in Years 10, 11 and 12 wishing to pursue tertiary studies in a Design related field. Teachers specialising in Visual Communication or Design Technology subjects are encouraged to apply for this One Day Program.

For school enquiries and bookings, please email us here at StudioWorkshops


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